Friday, May 13, 2011

Broken Arm and No More Braces!

Jakob had a follow-up appointment for his arm today.  The X-Ray looked good and his bones are healing well so far.  His next appointment is in three weeks and his cast should come off and they will do another X-Ray.  At that point, they will decide the next steps in making sure his arm heals properly.

This past Monday, Roland's appointment was scheduled to get his braces removed. Roland started his braces the summer of 2009 and wore the braces for almost two years.  He now has a retainer to wear on his top teeth during the day and night along with a retainer to wear on his bottom teeth also at night.  Not only are the before and after pictures neat to see regarding the changes in his teeth, but look at how much he has grown!  WOW!

Before - 6/29/2009

After - 5/9/2011

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