Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Shopping 42% Saved - Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger

Wow, what a morning at Walgreens.  My mom was visiting for Saturday and was still here Sunday morning.  We went to the store to get my transactions and she commented how the attitude of the employees this morning were like the ones in her town.  I told her normally they are much nicer and we joked about maybe they had worked all night.  However, comically I just looked up the store and they are not a 24-hour store so they were just cranky!  I was purchasing my double pack newspaper and the Dove Men's Deoderant.  After it all finished, it did not print my Register Reward as advertised.  The manager on duty was called and claimed it was due to my previous RR that was used since it was a P&G RR.  The Dove product is made by Unilever, not P&G, so in reality it should have worked in the first place.

Looking at last week's transaction, I rolled plenty on different P&G items and it worked just fine.  I think my error was I accidentally handed him the manufacture coupon and then my $3 RR coupon.  I ended up just having him refund my transaction which he proceeded to give me all my coupons (RR and manufacturer) and a $1.07 back.  I then decided, okay since it made my newspaper only $3.92 based on how he decided to the return.  I decided to just come home and head out later to another location since I needed to go to Kroger today too.

After my mom headed home, I went ahead and finished eating some breakfast.  I decided to go to the other Walgreens near the CVS on the way to Kroger.  Wow, what a difference between the two stores and employees.  The manager was super friendly and talkative and the cashier was all smiles!  I even asked about the Infant Care books and found out the pharmacy had them and was able to pick one up!

Walgreens 5/15

Transaction #1
Dallas Morning Newspaper 2 for $5.00 ($3.92 due to error...)

Transaction #2
2 - Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes $1
-$1/2 Betty Crocker potatoes printable
3 - Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper $1
-.75/3 Betty Crocker Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper, SS 4/17 or SS 5/01
-$3 RR

Transaction #3
$3 RR WYB Dove Men+Care Deodorant, 2.7-3 oz, at $3.99
-$1 off Dove Men+Care deodorant printable

Transaction #4
$1 RR WYB (2) Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylant, 5.1-12.6 oz, at $3.50 ea.
-$3/2 Pantene product, excl trial size, PG 5/01
-$3 RR

This is WEEK 1 of using a $40 gift card that I purchased with rebate money that Jeff received.  He gave them to me to use since they were going to expire.  Now the question is how long will it last?  I have $31.51 remaining on the gift card after today.

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $31.58
Total Spent: $8.49
Total Saved:$23.09 or 73%

Remaining RR: $1.00

After finishing at Walgreens, I decided to go to CVS for the sunscreen.  It was an okay deal, but decided with my ECB that I had from two weeks before that I could use them today.  This is WEEK 3 of using a $25 gift card I purchased.  I ended up spending $9.68 but received $11 back in ECB between the weekly special and a $1 from the Green Bag Tag.  I have $11.28 remaining on the gift card, but should be in pretty good shape next week since if they have good deals since I have $11 to start with in ECB.
CVS 5/15
$10 ECB WYB (2) Neutrogena Sun Care or Sunless Tanning, .47-6.7 oz, starting at $7.99 Limit 1
-$2 off Neutrogena suncare or sunless tanner printable, or printable
-$1.50 ECB
-$5.54 ECB

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $20.72
Total Spent: $9.68
Total Saved:$11.04 or 53%

Remaining RR: $11.00

I went to Kroger and bought the sale items.  However, since I have been accumulating coupons really for only the last few weeks, I am still low on coupons than I will be in the future.  I wanted to pick up the items while they were at their low price since it still adds up later.  I even picked up the Baby Back Ribs that were on sale for $2.97/lb and we will eat those sometime this week.

I also was able to save 3¢ at the Kroger gas station too which made it $3.80 instead of $3.83.  The Toyota was low on gas and this was the cheapest I could find today.
Kroger 5/15
Total Before Savings and Coupons: $93.07
Total Spent: $65.42
Total Saved:$27.45 or 29%


We are halfway done with the month and so far we have spent about $280 and saved approximately 47% or $250 between coupons and store discounts.  This should continue to get better as I continue to collect coupons.  As always, thank you Jenny at Southern Savers for helping me save money!!

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