Saturday, October 02, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

Jeff was so sweet on my birthday!  He bought a cake and had Jakob help decorate it with M&Ms to say Mom.  We went to Olive Garden and had a nice dinner.  After we got home, it was time for Jakob to get in the shower.  Jakob looked at me with those sweet eyes and said, "I have to help Dad."  Jeff started smiling and laughing.  I was then put in charge of a few other chores to get me out of the kitchen!  When they were both finally ready, they called me into the kitchen and Jakob was full of smiles still!  They sang happy birthday and then Jakob clapped at the end since he's done the routine a few times at birthday parties!
Jeff also bought me a cute card for my birthday!
Inside: But I don't need a lot of words to say what's always in my heart - "I love you" says it all. Happy Birthday.

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