Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kindergarten Stories: Week 6

Jakob has been learning about the seasons of the year.  They glued tissue paper onto the trees after coloring them!  They were really cute.  I am impressed as I see his handwriting and he keeps doing better and better on writing lower case letters!  I love his bright colored trees!

Jakob brought home this worksheet on the letter "F" this week.  I'm beginning to notice he's writing his name in upper and lower case which is great!

This work below was sorted into syllables.  I had to ask Jakob at first what this was and as soon as he started clapping and saying the words, I knew instantly it was sorted into syllables.  He went through every single one for me and said the word and said how many syllables each word had!  It was cute!

Jakob and his friends learned about apples this past week.  Overall, I'm sure they did many activities from sorting, to graphing, and so much more.  He brought home a small apple book that he colored.

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