Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 Years Old!

I received a few cards so far from family for my birthday!  I turn the big 30 today!

I was really surprised to receive the card from my neighbor Linda.  She loves to scrapbook and it was too sweet!!  I was not expecting it from her and really enjoyed receiving the hand made card.  I will have to ask her how she made the flower, becuase it's pretty neat!
Inside: Flowers Say Hello from the Heart.

This card is from my in-laws, Gregg and Lana.  They are the best and could not ask for more!!

Inside: Hope your birthday is filled with gifts of the heart --- the kind you share all year.

I also received one from Jeff's grandmother, Donna, in Florida.  
Inside: You've grown up to be such a warm, caring person ~ so kind, and thoughtful of others.  You're the wonderful granddaughter grandparents hope for.  And you're loved more every year.  Happy Birthday!

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