Monday, September 06, 2010

You'll Be In My Heart


This week's song challenge over at Scrap It With a Song is You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins, from the movie Tarzan.  The lyrics are up on the blog. You can take whatever inspires you from this song, the words, the title or the overall theme of the song. Upload your creations onto the Scrap It With A Song blog by Sunday and you could be this week's winner.  This week is being sponsored again by the adorable Sew Many Cards!!!

When I heard the song, I instantly thought about these photos of Tito.  I knew they would work perfectly and even though I knew it would be hard, I knew I had to do them. 

This layout has so much meaning.  This is Tito, my Black Labrador.  We had to put him to rest at the beginning of February after learning he had two large tumors blocking his intestines.  It came as a big surprise to the entire family.  We thought he was just having a hard time going to the bathroom and just needed a vet to help.  None of us were expecting the news we received and can still remember it all too well.  Tito was eight years old and we had him since he was about six months old.  He was such a huge part of our family.

The top right picture in the layout is the last picture I took of Tito.  We were heading home from Abilene, and while packing up Tito jumped in the car.  We were all visiting outside and Jakob was riding on his new bicycle he received for Christmas.  The other dogs were playing and he would not get out of the car.  Talk about crying when I learned this was the last picture I captured, but I am glad I took it.  Read my other stories of Tito here.

I also used a Coordinates Collections kit and an August PageMaps as a sketch to create the layout. 


  1. Such a beautiful layout! The only thing harder than losing someone you love is losing someone you love without warning. We tend to love our pets in a way much different than other adults because they are just so unexpecting of anything in return for their love :)((HUGS))

  2. Super cute layout!! It is so hard to lose a pet... they really can be such an extention of our family. Great job even though it was probably hard!!!!!!


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