Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kindergarten Stories

The district had the official Meet the Teacher on August 19, 2010. After visiting and taking supplies, Jakob stood by the sign.  He really wanted to stand on his tippy-toes, so I had him do one of each!  I think it will be neat to take this picture each year to see how much he grows for each grade!!

Look really closely...Jakob is standing on his tippy-toes!  I think he was understanding the purpose of the picture, he's already taller in the second picture.  I suppose each year we will need to do both versions of the picture!

Before school started, Jeff took the boys to get their haircut.  Jeff and I both took Jakob to school on his first day.  We parked over at my school and walked across for that morning.  Here is the picture of Jakob standing in front of his school on the first day of school.  Sure is hard to believe it's been two weeks already!  Jakob's wearing a school t-shirt we purchased at registration from PTA.  He stopped on the steps, and I was excited since I was able to get the school sign in the background!

Jakob brought this home on the first day of Kindergarten!  He was really proud of it!

Jakob listened to a story the first week of Kindergarten titled, the Kissing Hand.  After they listened to the story, they created the document below and sent home.  Jakob seemed to really enjoy the story.

Jakob is really enjoying Kindergarten.  During the first week of school, we learned he was getting a new teacher.  I was suspecting it could happen due to knowing the classrooms were already maxed to the limit.  I told Jakob he was picked by the principal and it meant he was super smart!  He was a little upset originally, but luckily they did the transition quickly for him and the other students.  A few of his friends from his preschool are in his new classroom too.

We received a newsletter from Jakob's classroom last week.  They are busy learning and I was so impressed when I got out the flash cards for the week's sight words!  Jakob said all of them without help!  He was so proud and then we started making sentences using only the sight words!

Week 2: Kindergarten
  • Math - Reviewing Shapes, Counting to 100, Sorting by attributes: color, shape, size, and type
  • Language Arts - Name Activities, Reviewing the Alphabet: Letters A, B, C, D, E
  • Sight Words - a, can, I, play, run, we
  • Social Studies and Science - Friends and Names, Labor Day, Observing like a Scientist and the tools a Scientist uses
  • Discuss with your child how they got their name
  • Sight word practice
  • Having a parent, sibling, or family member read to child for at least 15 minutes a night
  • Bring 2 binders to school for notes, homework, and reading logs to send to and from school.

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