Thursday, August 05, 2010

Vacation Day 1 - Flying to San Diego, CA

I was really tired this morning and do not remember even hearing my alarm.  Jeff was awake before me and later I learned he woke up much earlier than I did!  We all got around and headed toward the airport.  After arriving to the airport, we checked our luggage and realized our large bag was exactly fifty lbs!  Jeff and I will rearrange one of the smaller bags that had some very light items to ensure it does not go above fifty lbs!  Security was really fast and went through just fine and headed toward our gate!

We arrived in San Diego around 10am and picked up our luggage.  We took the shuttle to Enterprise to pick up our shuttle.  My parents arrived about an hour earlier and were waiting for us at the hotel.  We met up with them, dropped off our luggage, and headed over to my brother's house.  My mom tried to get all three rooms together, but it didn't happen.  Our room was a suite and contained two rooms and was nice!

All nine of us went and had lunch at Chili's.  After lunch, we went over to Men's Wearhouse.  My dad and Jakob needed to pick up their tuxes and try them on.  Jakob really enjoyed being all dressed up.  He loved the sound effect he was making by stomping on the ledge at the store!  I'm sure the associate was happy when we finished!

Later in the evening, we headed over for the rehearsal.  I was able to get some great pictures of Randy and Nikki!  They all practiced the order and we found out when Jakob would walk and do his part.
After the rehearsal, we headed for dinner.  The dinner was at Buca di Beppa where they serve the dinner family style.  The food was really good, but at one point they stopped bringing it out.  We couldn't tell if they were upset because we were not able to eat all of it!  When they brought us our third course, they almost could have brought the third and fourth course of food together.  It went well together based on what we selected.  Jeff and I left the rehearsal dinner around 9:30PM PST.  We had all been up since 4AM CST and were all getting pretty tired!

Overall, it was a great first day in San Diego!

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