Friday, August 06, 2010

Vacation Day 2 - My Brother's Big Day

We slept until about 8AM PST.  All of us were really tired from our previous day.  After getting around, we went and found a McDonalds for breakfast.  Since Randy's wedding was in the evening, we were planning a half day of events before resting a bit.  We wanted to make sure Jakob took a nap and was well rested for the wedding tonight!

We headed over toward Balboa Park in San Diego.  While walking toward the Science Center, we saw this older tree.  It was amazing and so worth the picture.  Take a look at the size or Jeff, Roland, and Jakob in the picture.  It gives you perspective of how large the tree is currently!

While there we visited the Science Center and the Natural Museum of History.  The Science Center was really neat and both boys really enjoyed it!  They had lots of interactive concepts throughout the two level building.  We could have paid for a movie while at the Science Center, but times did not work perfect for planning due to the wedding later in the day.  We met my parents and grandmother for lunch while at Balboa Park.  They had been taking a Trolley Tour around San Diego.  It seemed neat, but do not think boys would have enjoyed it as much.

Jakob playing and learning about potential and kinetic energy!

We went to the Natural Museum of History after lunch.  There advertisement outside the building showed dinosaurs and attracted the boys' interest!  It was an okay museum and had a decent amount of dual sided dinosaur models.  We watched a twenty minute show called Waking the T-Rex.  A T-Rex was named Sue after it was found with 90% complete skeleton.  It was an interesting video and Jakob enjoyed most of it!

After visiting the museums, we headed back to the hotel.  We knew it would be a late night and wanted to make sure Jakob took a nap before the wedding.  He ended up taking a good nap and I fell asleep for a little while too.  We decided to order pizza to eat as a snack before we left since we suspected the boys would be hungry.  The pizza was recommended by the hotel and sure was good!

My brother's wedding started around 6:45PM and we needed to be there around 6PM.  The overall ceremony was really pretty and both Randy and Nikki seemed so happy!  Jakob did a great job as the ring bearer.  Nikki's aunt and I mixed the sand together from the two separate vases into one.  We poured the two different colors at the same time, mixing the sand together.  Jakob called himself the "Master Ringbearer".  He even reminded and corrected me on the airplane when I told someone else about him being the ringbearer!

After they were pronounced man and wife, they took all of their pictures before heading to the reception.  The reception had a sit down dinner that was really nice.  It started with a few toasts to the bride and groom and then they brought out the salads.  After salads, the main course was brought out and it included steak, chicken, potatoes, carrots, and green beans.

Near the end, more dancing occurred and Nikki really enjoyed dancing with her bridesmaids.  Jakob was having a blast taking pictures and others loved it!  They started taking pictures of Jakob taking pictures of them!  It was too funny!  The other joke made was he was enjoying taking pictures of the girls!  I will find out when I upload his pictures to my computer!

Randy and Nikki are flying out on Monday (8/2) to the Washington DC area for their honeymoon.  They were able to get a good deal overall and plan to check out all the museums and attractions around the area!  A while back, they received Jakob's "Flat Stanley".  While visiting on Friday, Jakob saw his Flat Stanley.  They said they planned to take him with them and take pictures all over Washington DC!  How neat is that?

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  1. Jakob is so cute in his tux! I've really enjoyed seeing all of your trip pictures!


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