Thursday, August 12, 2010

Menu Planning 8/8-8/14

We have been off schedule a little since returning from our vacation.  I am still finishing my blog post from the vacation.  I need to get copies of CDs/DVDs in the mail for family too!

We have not had much of a menu this week and working on putting things together for the next few weeks since I will get busy with school.  However, I am planning on the following to finish off this week!

Thursday - Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, French Bread
Friday - County Fair Chicken, Fruit Cup, Crescent Rolls
Saturday - BBQ Sausage, Rice, Corn

I read a post from I'm an Organizing Junkie and liked the idea about leftovers.  We usually always have leftovers and I like having a somewhat planned way to eat those leftovers.  It's always funny when you pull something out of the refrigerator and ask each other when did we cook this?  Since school is about to start back up, some of the leftovers will go faster since I'll eat them for my lunches too.

  • I recently started doing a leftover buffet thing (which is a great idea btw).  But I’m always so scared of things still being okay to eat.  Do you follow any sort of guidelines?  For instance, how long you keep it in the fridge depending on ingredients?  I appreciate your help!  Jen

    Thanks for your question Jen.    For us, having a leftover day scheduled right in the middle of the week allows me to break up my leftovers so I don’t have too much hanging around at any given time.  So Mon/Tues/Wed’s leftovers are eaten on Thursday.  Whatever doesn’t get eaten that day is tossed and then typically we do a simple supper on Sunday where leftovers from Friday and Saturday are eaten.  If we don’t have leftovers for Sunday I will make something easy like grilled cheese and soup or breakfast for dinner.  I usually have a pretty good idea now how many leftovers will be involved based on what recipe I’m cooking so I take that into consideration when deciding whether or not to go ahead and pre-plan Sunday’s menu.  I always start with a clean slate every Monday.  Hope that helps!

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