Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menu Planning 07/18-07/24

I was not here for most of last week and therefore did not create an official menu last week.  I asked Jeff and he said not to worry about it! I left on Wednesday for a math conference in San Antonio and returned on Saturday.  It was a great trip, great food, and a great time with fellow teachers.  However, now it is time to get back on schedule with our food and eating healthy!  My goal is sixteen pounds at the moment and know I will get back on track!

Many of the above recipes are new recipes for our family from E-Mealz.  On some occasions, I take pictures of what I cook and post how they went with the family.  I usually pick a few meals from each week's menu and I flip through to decide what to cook.  I keep each week's menu in a notebook inside a protective sleeve.  Personally, I do not use the shopping list since I tend to use Southern Savers for my shopping list.  Most weeks, I am able to create the meals I choose based on what we have on-hand!  What are your plans this week?

UPDATE 7/23/10: I cooked the Seasoned Chicken Strips and Oven "Fries" and they were delicious!!  I also cooked the Spiced Rubbed Pork, but personally was not a fan of it.  The flavors just did not work or it seemed there was not any flavor to it! :(  I know my menu will change for this Friday and Saturday, but have not decided what to change it too.  I ran out of sour cream since we ate leftovers Tuesday and Wednesday.  I needed the sour cream for the Italian Casserole dish.


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  1. love your meal plan picture. Think I might try to make one myself :)


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