Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weight Loss Goal

Last night, I found an application on my Android phone called WWDiary.  It uses the same concepts from Weight Watchers and is FREE! It calculated my points and keeps track of what you eat using your phone! It even has an option to scan a barcode of a product to pull the name of the food!  It creates a weight log for whenever you enter your current weight.  The program allows you to enter exercise too along with favorite foods.  At the moment, it does not know the point values automatically but it does calculate the points using calories, fat, and the fiber count.  Jeff and I did this last year using a spreadsheet I created, but I like having this on my phone since my phone is normally with me all the time.

My weight loss goal is currently sixteen pounds.  I sure have noticed the change since we moved to our house.  I no longer have to climb three sets of stairs and since it's summer, I am not as active.  So it's time to count points again and lose a few pounds!

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