Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost the End of School

The weeks are going faster and faster!  We are getting closer to the last day of school!  We officially have 8 more days with students and only 9 more working days until summer!  I purchased some boxes from Staples so I can begin packing my classroom.  It appears I will be teaching math only next year, so another science teacher will be moving into my science classroom.

Last Sunday, Jakob enjoyed watching Star Wars movies with Jeff.  I went to do some of the regular shopping with coupons to Kroger, CVS, and Costco.  We decided to purchase the Food Saver Vacuum Sealer at Costco and I have been pretty happy with it.   Costco had a $30 coupon in their home-mailers.

On Monday, Jakob came home singing something using the words 'gluteus maximus'!  He attends a class called "Stretch-N-Grow" at his preschool where he gets to exercise and learns about nutrition and the muscles!  It was quite funny!

On Friday, Jakob came home today singing "If you're Happy and You Know It..."  He really enjoys singing and seems to do well at it!  I think he takes after Jeff on singing, since he's pretty good at it!

Over the weekend, I created 2 scrapbook pages focusing on Jakob.  One layout consisted of Jakob's 4 year old school pictures in 2009 (Smile).  The other layout was pictures of Jakob at Sonic enjoying the Free Root Beer float from June 2009 (These are the Moments). I have 2 cards almost finished and plan on finishing them this afternoon.

Jakob went to his fourth week of ice skating lessons on Saturday morning.  He did okay and stayed off the wall while ice skating.  However, he seemed to forget how to bend his knees on the ice!

Jeff and I took the boys swimming yesterday.  It was our first time at the pool in our sub-division.  It is really nice and believe it will come in handy this summer! It is walking distance and both boys enjoyed their time at the pool.  I'm sure they could have stayed longer than an hour, but it was time to get ready for bed.  It was pretty windy yesterday and the pool was still a little chilly to both Jeff and me.  I need to start watching specials for pool toys to carry to-from!  I still have not decided where to do the summer swimming lessons.  Jakob is fearless in the water and really wants to swim.  Roland does okay, but still does not like swimming on top of the water.  He loves and does great playing and swimming under the water, but his practice is needed on freestyle strokes, etc.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANSJeff and I did pretty good on our menu last week.  We didn't have everything exactly on the days mentioned due to random things coming up, but ate most of what I had written down based on what we had in the house!  I really have enjoyed using E-Mealz since it gives basic and easy recipes for planning purposes!  I posted our menu for this week already.

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