Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 2009

Wow, it is hard to believe the first half of the year is already gone! July tends to be one of the hotter months here in Texas. I am looking forward to spending some time this upcoming weekend at my in-law's place at the lake!

I'd like to look back at the first of the year and find the highlights of the year. These could be stories, photographs, scrapbook layouts, or whatever you find to share. What sticks out of your mind for you when you think about the particular month? Add what you can including whatever you would like to share!

January 2009 - Texas had some crazy weather in the end of January closing the big school districts because of ice and more ice! My scrapbooks did not mind the extra days off!

February 2009 - I created the Coordinates Collections February Challenge: Lovin You. Jeff came up with the 9 reasons why he loved me and it was just so sweet. This seemed so fitting with Valentine's Day!
March 2009 - A friend and I took our kids to the Fort Worth Zoo during Spring Break. It was really busy but we sure had fun!
April 2009 - Southwest Airlines had their 36th and Last Annual Chili Cookoff in April. I remember thinking it was going to be the last one and learned since the chili cookoff was started it always had 'last annual' in the title! When they originally had the first one, the company did not know if they would be around the next year! So the title has stayed the same throughout the years. Southwest also just celebrated its 38th birthday in June.
May 2009 - Starting in May, Jeff and I started riding our bikes and walking more. We have started eating healthier and getting much more active! I created the layout {Out-side} to represent our changes!

June 2009 - My mom and I took the kids to California to visit Disneyland along with Disneyland California Adventures (pictures), San Diego Zoo (pictures), and visit with my brother.

Life passes by too quickly, make sure you enjoy those moments!

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