Sunday, August 17, 2008

Middle of August

Jakob and I had our follow-up appointments this past Thursday. The doctor said Jakob's tongue looks really good and said my mouth looked good too from where the wisdom tooth was pulled. I think Jakob is talking more. Some of his words are still not clearly understood by everyone, but to me he has started saying more words. I received the draft copy of his IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) for his speech therapy and I think majority of the sounds he has to work on are /p/, /d/, /k/, and /t/. He tends to not say those all the time in words. His ARD should be sometime this upcoming week.

This past Saturday, I took a Standard First Aid with CPR at the Dallas Red Cross. I learned how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants and also learned about using an AED on adults and a child. It was a long day lasting from 8:00AM-6:00PM, but boy was it worthwhile. I am impressed with what I learned and we had a great instructor. She was originally from California and she had a good time throughout the day and kept it fun too. For a 10 hour class, it was nice that she had a sense of humor! Throughout the day, we had different skill sets we had to pass and she walked around and if you didn't do it well she would come back to verify. One of the first skill sets was learning how to take off plastic gloves without actually touching the outer portion of the gloves.

In the past, Jeff and I talked about how it would be neat to have a menu for dinners to make it easier to know what was planned. I happened to come across a website this morning that has weekly menus, but also with recipes and possible grocery items for the week. It's called Menus4Moms and has weekly menus. If you visit the webpage, on the left hand side it has "Basic Dinner Menu for August 18-22". Every Monday, they update the website for the next week. What I really thought was neat was it also includes a shopping list of everything you would need for the week. Jeff and I actually went with a menu from last week and will try a few of the days this week. Jeff has even agreed to try some NEW things! (Oh and the webpage is free if you don't care about the ads throughout the pages. When you do a printer-friendly, they do not print.)

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