Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of August

It was a pretty busy week for us. Roland was with us last weekend.
Jakob was happy to see him. He started school this past Monday and I
believe he is enjoying it, according to Jeff.

On Monday, I went to the DPS to renew my driver's license. It was
going to expire in September and since my last renewal was done online
I had to go in. It went faster than I had expected early in the
morning and I was happy. Now hopefully I took a good picture!
Afterwards, I headed to Target for weekly things.

Monday night was also our first Blast Ball practice. The boys did
really good for their first practice and were excited to play again.
Us moms sat at a picnic table and the men were keeping the boys one at
a time batting and then going back out to catch the ball. They were
trying to keep the practice similar to the game so they will be used
to standing and catching the ball. They are older and played last
season so I think they will do great!

Wednesday afternoon, I was able to register with LISD after attending
the required orientation to become a substitute. That same
afternoon, a sub position opened for a middle school aide position for
Thursday and Friday. I accepted it and worked with many teachers on
both days. The secretary took my information for future dates. So working those two days at the middle school was great to get my name known to other teachers and let them know I am a certified teacher. They always want certified subs when possible.

We do not have any major plans this Labor Day weekend. Think we will
just hang out around the house and take it easy.

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