Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday afternoon - Weekly update

It has been a busy week. Of course last Monday was Memorial Day. We had Roland last weekend through Monday. Jeff and Roland went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. They said they really enjoyed it. Later in the afternoon, Jeff and I had scheduled family pictures at JcPenney. We haven't had family pictures taken of all of us since October 2006, so we thought it was time. JcPenney had really good pricing with their online coupon. We bought their portrait club thing so we would have no sitting fees for the next two years and I found coupons online good through next January.

This past Tuesday after returning from Target, I learned our water was off at the apartment. On Monday, I saw water flowing down a section of the apartment but figured it was probably a broken sprinkler head. Nope. It was a broken water line and the city had shut off the water. The water is a private section and not part of the Lewisville. Luckily, Jeff had filled a gallon of water from an empty milk carton. He tends to fill them up with water so I can use for either the aquarium or my plants. I was able to use it for basic things like washing Jakob's hands after lunch. However, after Jakob's nap I was at the point where I really needed to use the restroom and the water was still not on. So we headed out to the mall and walked around and Jakob played on the mall playground for a bit.

I had my tennis lessons Tuesday night too. It is sure fun to play again. My racket was ready after leaving it last week to get new strings in it. Practice was fun and after the hour was up, three of us stayed to play for fun together some more! We stayed for an extra hour and I can sure tell I did the next day. Not extremely sore but I had two small blisters on my hand and my feet were sore to an extent. With our next lesson, I have to ask about the next class and learn about the leagues. Oak Creek Tennis Center has a singles league beginning June 9th and I am thinking of doing it. Then, I'll also probably do the next lesson to continue to relearn and improve.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday, I received an email from the State Board of Educator Certification. I was required to take two test and officially take and pass all the courses at UNT to officially become certified to teach within Texas. It all went through last week and I am officially certified! I am waiting on the formal documentation to arrive in the mail. I keep an eye on the job boards and multiple middle school math positions have posted recently. I sent resumes and have an interview for a 7th grade math position on Monday, June 2nd! What is really neat is on Thursday, I went by both of my mentoring schools to pick up purchased yearbooks! Exciting!

This past Thursday, Jakob had his early education screening at the special education offices in Lewisville. He did okay, but he is slightly tongue tied which is effecting his speech. We finished through all the testing which between paperwork and them working with Jakob took about an hour and a half. They referred him for a full evaluation and the diagnostician at Rockbrook Elementary should contact me soon. At this point, if he qualified he would attend public preschool from 8AM-11AM and then probably be bused over to Children's Courtyard. I spoke briefly with Children's Courtyard and they said they have a few small school buses who bring over PPCD (Public Preschool for Children with Disabilities) students. At this moment, he has a slight speech problem since he is tongue tied a little. Jeff and I are waiting to determine when and if necessary to have it clipped. He is not obviously as bad as I was as a kid since mom says I could not even stick my tongue out of my mouth! Interesting, must be hereditary.

Yesterday, Mom, Mema, Barb, and I went and saw the musical CATS. It was pretty neat and amazing. I didn't realize how much ballet was within the musical. After getting home and reading more information about the musical, it actually helped me understand the story line a little better. Mom and I have tickets to see THE DROWSY CHAPERONE in about two weeks and then the four of us will get to see HAIRSPRAY at the end of the June!

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  1. I read in one of your previous blogs that your family plays WoW together! Our family has played as our own group since release in 2004 :) I've linked our new blog for you if you all still play together and would like to check it out.


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