Sunday, August 07, 2005

Storms, shopping, and sewing

I had a busy weekend as normal. This past Friday, we had a thunderstorm. The storm had some lightning and thundering and strong rain. However, it was a decent enough storm to knock out the power to our house and many others in our neighborhood starting at 4:00pm. Ben, normally stays at his house during the day during the summer and came over during the storm. The power flickered before getting knocked out completely, and he was a little nervous being home by himself. Well, I opened the windows during the storm to get some air in as the power did not come back on, and without a/c or fans, it was getting hot! At 5:00pm, the storm had passed, but we still did not have power. We headed outdoors to play. Imagine, kids playing on bicycles, parents riding bicycles with their kids, dogs being walked, and neighbors talking to each other because there was nothing to do indoors! My group of neighbors normally talk to each other on a normal bases, but across the street, they tend to stay indoors and not say a word. A neighbor slightly caddy corner across the street walks his dog Pumpkin every day, and as he passed, he asked if we had power, and I said nope. We played outside until about 7:00pm and we still had no power. The estimated time for power to be back on in our area was 9:00pm!! So Jeff, Jakob, and I went out and had chicken for dinner. We got home around 9:00pm and the power was back on. Interesting night!

Saturday, I went out to Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, JoAnn Fabrics, and Walmart for a variety of items. At Hobby Lobby I found matting material to frame a couple puzzles. I looked at Frames their but didn’t see anything in my price range and most looked liked for custom framing, and I didn’t want to spend that much money. But I spent about $10 on the mats to go around the puzzle and over the next month or so, I figured Wal-Mart would have nice enough frames to frame the puzzles for the wall. I recently put together 2-100 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzles and 2-300 Thomas Kinkade piece puzzles. I was on my way to JoAnn Fabrics when I decided to stop by Big Lots to see if they had any frames that looked decent. I went to the store in Lewisville, and it’s pretty small. I didn’t see anything I had to have and headed toward JoAnn Fabrics. At JoAnns, they had the foam for the window seat cushions that I have been wanting to do. I had my measurements of the window seat area because it was the other reason I headed out on Saturday. I bought the foam there, but didn’t see any fabric that looked good. Later on that evening when it was cooler outside, I braved Walmart and went to the craft section. I found a fabric I liked and bought it.

Today, Jeff and I went to church this morning again to First United Methodist Church of The Colony. Today was their first contemporary service and it was good. The main difference is the band instead of traditional hymms and it is dressed down a bit. I really enjoy it, and some of the songs I already know from a previous church that I went to when I moved to Dallas. Anyhow, it’s a shorter service which is good for Jakob currently as he gets adjusted and used to the nursery while we are in the service. We met Greg, Lana, Gerry, Kennedy, and Daniel at Daniel’s apartment for lunch and went to On The Border. Afterwards, Jeff, Jakob, and I came home and relaxed. I started working on a seat cushion and finished. However, I realized as I was applying the top (and bottom) to the box frame of the material that I messed up on how I started the sewing. In the past I have only sewn two things together, hems, simple pillows, etc. This was meant to be square at the corners and I realized that I was supposed to leave about half and inch from the corner so it could get connected to the other side. I put it on a cushion, but it didn’t fit right because of a few rounded corners. I was really frustrated at first, but then thought about that the last time I probably sewed was when I was 10 or 12 ‘ish. So, later this evening, I made the next box frame for the cushion and tomorrow I will try again. Once I finish it, I will take a picture of it and post.

Roland starts school tomorrow and will be in the 3rd grade. We dropped off school supplies to his mom’s house last Thursday evening and also took him out for dinner and ice cream. Ben and Sarah (neighbors that I will be tutoring) start school on Thursday of this upcoming week.

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