Sunday, May 08, 2005

Weekly Recap

Well, last week went by pretty quick. Last Sunday, Jeff got me an early Mother's Day gift. I have been looking at the nice KitchenAid mixers for a while. We were in Linen's N Things using a giftcard from the wedding and ran into a special. We had a coupon that day for 20% off any item and with Mother's Day, KitchenAid was running a special of a free attachment. The same day, I made chocolate chip cookies. Oh they were so good! I also made banana bread last week and some Snickerdoodle cookies that Jeff wanted me to make.

During the beginning of the week, it was cold and rainy on Wednesday. It was supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday, but it only rained on Wednesday. However, it was chilly and windy, so Jakob and I didn't get as much walking last week. We walked about 3.5 miles last week. I did some yoga and my tae-bo video on most of the days that we didn't get to go outside to walk. The weather finally brightened on Thursday.

We watched the movie, National Treasure, on Wednesday night. We don't see nearly as many movies in theatres currenty (Gee, I wonder why!) and we rent many movies from Netflix. It works out nice. I save them to my list early and we normally get them the same day they release in stores.

I worked on my scrapbooking last week. I posted the recent pages I made on my webpage. I had one of Roland and his school picture, Jakob's Easter picture, and a picture of Jakob's first bath time. I was really proud of my page I did with Roland. It has a school bus, an apple, and a pencil that I made myself rather than using stickers or die cuts. It looks really good. I recently got more of my photos back for more pages that I plan to work on this week. I figured I'd work on them now before my Biology class starts. That class starts this Friday.

I finished one of my outside flower beds on Friday night/Saturday morning. I still need to clip off dead buds off of part of my big flower bed area, but that will take about 5 minutes. It's rainy today, or I would work on the beds a little more.

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