Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Flowers, Biology, and Birthdays...oh my!

I had a great week last week! I worked on my flowerbeds last Sunday. I now have one side completly done. I still need to plant flowers in another flower bed along with a few pots. I may try to do that today depending on what our plans might be. I started the bed a week ago, but one day was the weeds, then I found ants, so I had to put it on hold.

We went to Roland's school conference on Tuesday. He is doing good at his classes as normal. He is currently in the 2nd grade about to begin 3rd grade next year. He's reading at a 4th grade and comprehending it already also which is great! He did have a rough spelling test that has put in possiblility to become in their PACE kids (needing development), but I honestly think he had a bad day when he took the test. They will retest in the beginning of 3rd grade, and I think he's gonna be fine. The only other area of improvement is his subtractions facts. They take timed test of 5 minutes and they have to answer as many correct problems they can (100 questions). Throughout the entire year, he's only gotten about half when he's gotten almost all of the math problems correct. It's just memorization and we are working on that!

My mom came and visited on Wednesday! We had a great time. We went to Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Olive Garden, Scrapbook store, and the Mall. We got Jakob a few items and me a few items also.

My Biology class started on Friday, May 13th. So far it is going good, I'm slightly ahead because of taking it before. I have already pretty much studied Chp 13 and know all my definitions..etc. Parts of the class have not been posted to the webpage. I suspect they will be there Monday. I'm sure the teacher didn't want students to work on too much other than reading the Chapter.

Saturday was Sarah's (next door neighbor) birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese. She turned 6 last Thursday. I have known her since she was 3, and it's hard to believe she's already 6 and riding a bicycle without training wheels and all! The party went good and all the kids had a fun time playing the games! The games seem more important than the pizza, cake, and other stuff. Quite funny...I'm sure I was the same as a kid at Peter Piper Pizza.

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