Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weight Watchers: Your Toolkit

I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting this morning.  Roni, my Weight Watcher's leader, asked, "What tools help you live better?"  I am always inspired after attending a meeting because other members mention things that you might be doing, but did not think about it right away.  Members mentioned the following: Fitbit, food scale, attending weekly meetings, logging food, and the Facebook group.

Roni mentioned how she and her husband were listening to a podcast from Andy Andrews.  One of the hardest things when losing weight is beating yourself up on the rough days.  She mentioned that in the podcast, Andy was discussing how many times he had been turned down for his book proposals and how he was tearing himself apart because of it until he realized what he was doing.  He stated how he just needed to talk to himself and not question himself.  The same applies with our continual process of attempting to stay healthy!

In 2016, I have learned to consistently do more physical activities which included walking, running, and getting my workouts in on my elliptical machine!

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