Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jakob's 2nd Swim Meet

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A year ago, Jakob started swimming at Emler Swim School in Frisco, TX.  At that time, he understood the concept of freestyle, but struggled putting it all together.  He also would bring his head up to breathe rather than side breathing.  Through weekly swim lessons with Emler Swim School, he not only has improved on his freestyle swimming, but also learned backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  He also participates with Boy Scouts, and through all the swimming practice he passed his swimming test for this summer's Boy Scout Camp at Kia Kima.

This past summer, Jakob participated with Swim 380.  It is a recreational swim team in our community.  He swam three times a week practicing all of the strokes.  Jakob also learned how to dive into the water and flip turns.

Yesterday, he competed in his second swim meet with Swim 380.  I am so pleased with him for beating all of his times!  Jakob is scheduled to swim weekly with Emler Swim School this fall and he will go to the Denton Natatorium with either Jeff or me to continue to build his endurance.  I love we have a starting point and goals for him.

50 Freestyle0:58.650:57.57
100 Freestyle2:28.032:03.43
50 Backstroke1:11.841:02.75
50 Breaststroke1:21.431:15.65
25 Butterfly0:48.18-
100 IM2:27.53

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