Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ashlyn's Pre-K Spring Conference

I had Ashlyn's Pre-K spring conference yesterday, May 10, 2016, over the phone with her teacher.

Social / Emotional:
Her teacher stated she was doing very well interacting with others.  Ashlyn follows the rules and gets along with others well.

Physical / Growth / Fine Motor:
Her teacher mentioned she runs well and easily kicks a ball.  Regarding fine motor, she can hold a pencil correctly and colors well.  Within the past few weeks, Ashlyn also started being able to tie her shoes.  Every now and then, she will come home after accidentally tying her shoes in a knot, but overall she understands the process!

Language Development:
When we went to Ashlyn's Fall Pre-K conference, Ashlyn only knew 26 out of 52 of her letters.  As of her recent evaluation, she knows 25 out of the 26 capital letters.  She missed two lower case letters, q, and e.  She improved dramatically on her sound recognition.  In the fall, she was unable to provide any of the sounds to the letters.  She had 15 out of 26 letters.

Ashlyn is able to decipher if two words rhyme or not per her recent assessment.  Her next step is to generate new rhyming words when provided a word.  Example: cat - bat.

Beginning Sounds:
Ashlyn is able to determine if two words begin with the same sounds.  Her school is currently working on teaching how each word is a separate word from each other word.

Reading Comprehension:
Her teacher described that Ashlyn is doing well and is able to retell a story with prompting.  Her next goals is to tell the story by explaining what happened first, next, and last without prompting.

Ashlyn enjoys math and is doing well with counting and loves patterns.  She is able to determine if a number is more or less than and is able to identify those numbers.  Her teacher stated she is doing okay with positional numbers, such as behind and next to.  In school now, they are working on addition and subtraction.  They are also comparing objects to work on vocabulary words such as size, weight, and compacity.  She has also started learning how to learn how to read an analog clock through their daily routine.

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  1. They learn so much in pre-school. Amazing. And she really enjoys school too. Thats a great school she goes to.


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