Thursday, December 26, 2013

Still practicing in the kitchen with gluten free

After this past Thanksgiving, I had a severe reaction to a milk allergy.  Through talking with my mom, she had mentioned she had stopped eating bread products within the past month because she realized it was causing her vision to be fuzzy.  So I started reading about gluten and read how many of the symptoms I had over Thanksgiving.  Plus I read a small section relating gluten and Chrohn's disease which a few family members have too.  I have done okay cutting most dairy and most gluten products.  I have noticed I feel so much better when I do not have those products.  I have not officially been tested for the gluten intolerance, but I probably will after the new year due to insurance to allow all the claims to all be on one year.

After reading through the Facebook status updates, I thought it would be fun to bake a cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I knew Jakob would like it and it would help Ashlyn understand what Christmas is really about for later years.  

I went searching online for a gluten free cake recipe from scratch based on what I had in stock.  I found one and read the comments that mentioned you could substitute the almond flour for an equal amount do the gluten free flour.  I had almonds that I could have made almond flour, but did not want to get my Vitamix dirty.  The recipe went well until the end!  The beater whipped the eggs and the melted chocolate and butter went well without burning it!  However, after mixing the flour mixture with the liquid ingredients it turned almost into a dough.  The instructions said to fold the mixture together and I figured just to use my mixer.  I'm not sure if that messed it up, but the taste of the batter was eh. 

I am planning to try again and know it can only get better.  After it all messed up, I asked Jakob if it would be okay to make a belated birthday cake and he said okay! :)

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