Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Graduate Class and Made an A

I started my Master's Degree at the University of North Texas this past Spring 2012 semester.  The class was the first required course and was called Curriculum and Instruction Inquiry 1.  The class focused on starting our research plan and majority of the semester I worked on my research paper along with other projects which will benefit my personal math classroom.  My teacher told me my grade on my last class last week and was super excited.  My first few assignments were in the B range and as I continued to get more detailed in my work, my grades went up!

I am taking two classes over the summer which officially begin June 4th and last for ten weeks.  Then I am registered for two classes in the fall semester.  I need a total of twelve classes and if I can take five classes a year, I will finish in approximately 2.5 years!

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  1. So, I had to find out about your 'A' via a blog post?!? Talk about a lack of communication.



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