Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sure miss my black labrador

Recently, I sure have been missing my black labrador, Tito.  At the end of January, we were faced with the decision to put him to sleep due to finding out he had two large masses blocking his intestines.  He was in pain and not eating and we did not want him to continue to suffer.  I wrote about him here.

Saw an ad on WFAA tonight for Paws in the City. So hard to see dogs that need homes because I know it is too early to have another one.  When I look at Petfinder, I see black labradors that remind me so much of him.  I know in the future if we get another dog that it would be really hard to do another black labrador.  I think it would be a little easier with a yellow or chocolate labrador.

Jakob talks about Tito, says "My dog" when he refers to him. I think this has to be the hardest part.  About a month after it all happened he started to talk about him and how he wasn't coming home.  I think he thought he was at the doctor's office and would come home.  He has a stuffed animal he received years ago that is a soft black labrador.  Jakob has officially named him Tito and sleeps with him from time to time.  It's cute and hard to see at the same time.

Sometimes I feel guilty about things on the floor.  I used to make sure I picked things up since Tito's hair would get on it.  I prefer things not to be on the floor in general, but think it's primarily due to this reason.  I know things happen for reasons and know what's meant to be will happen.  I know when the time is right, things will work out and our family will have another dog.  Thanks for listening.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you're having to go through it's. It's so hard to lose a family pet. I still miss (and cry over) childhood pets. Hugs for you, Lisa! And for Jakob, too.

  2. I still miss my Irish setter from when I was 7 years old! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love the slideshow of scrapped pages on your sidebar.


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