Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5 More lbs Lost!

The last time I posted was when I hit my 5% goal.  When I weighed on November 14th, I had lost an additional 5 lbs and weighed in at 159.4 lbs!  Yesterday, when I weighed I was 159.6, so not a huge gain which was good.  It was a pretty stressful week and I did not count well and sugary snacks sure tasted GOOD that previous week!  Yesterday, I ate pretty healthy and today is starting out to be good.  My goal is to eat good the days this week that will be easiest to control, since Thursday is Thanksgiving and no matter what I will have wonderful food with my family and friends. 

My current goal is 153 lbs.  I am currently wearing size 14 jeans and they are loose in the afternoon once they have stretched during the day.  However, I cannot fit into my old size 12 jeans that are currently in the closet.  Part of me wants to buy new jeans though once I hit my next sizing!  I started back on Weight Watchers on August 15th and so far have lost 10.6 lbs and averaging about 0.8 lbs per week.

The one thing I have been missing is my exercise.  I have not used our elliptical and I can tell.  Ashlyn was sleeping through the night and within the last few weeks she has been waking up starving in the middle of the night!  I think she is going through a growth spurt!  We are about to start rice cereal and mixing it with something to add some flavor since she is not a fan of the rice cereal plain.  I looked back to pictures of Jakob and the first thing he ate right at 4 months was carrots and cereal together.  She is currently sick which has put a toll on both Jeff and me and has been wiping my energy to exercise.

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