Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sierra - Chasing the Light of a Flashlight

A few weeks ago, we rescued a yellow lab.  We named her Sierra and she is estimated to be somewhere between 2-3 years old.  On one of the first nights we got her, Jakob was outside and he came in and said he needed a flashlight!  All of a sudden I heard Sierra barking and went outside to find out why.  It turns out, Sierra was barking at the light and trying to chase the light from the flashlight!!

Tonight, Jakob was playing hide and go seek and I heard Sierra bark while in his room.  Jakob had turned his light off and had his flashlight.  Sierra was trying to get the light!

Here's a short (23 seconds) video of Sierra and Jakob playing with the flashlight!  Jakob loved doing it just as much as Sierra likes trying to catch the light!

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