Wednesday, December 22, 2010


4 Weeks - 11/18/10
  • I found I was pregnant on Saturday, 11/20/10.
5 Weeks - 11/25/10
  • Thanksgiving - Thursday, 11/25/10.
  • I ate a salad at Texas Roadhouse on Friday evening and then a salad with dinner on Saturday.  Both evenings, after dinner I got really sick and did not keep it down.  Think the baby does not like salad!
  • Monday, 11/29/10 - First doctor appointment.  Estimated due date July 28, 2011.  The nurse practitioner recommended to continue taking prenatal vitamins from Target.  They took blood work and they will know if I have any deficiencies, such as iron.  Results from the blood test came back and everything was good.
6 Weeks -
  • Morning sickness starting to get me in mornings primarily.  Drinking sprite to help keep stomach settled.  I am noticing I am starving every few hours again.
  • Many of my co-workers know I am pregnant now.  I attended a baby shower and at the end they were joking about how we needed another person to be pregnant so we could eat more cake.  I figured since I had a nice entrance I would go ahead and mention it!
8 Weeks -
  • Tuesday, 12/21/10 - Follow up appointment with sonogram.
  • Baby Smith - 8 weeks 5 days. Picture is blurry, but our little "peanut" is in the center of the picture and heart is the dark small white circle. (My mom had a hard time and know it's hard to look directly between and under the F and the P to see the baby.) :)
  • I am about "done" with this first trimester.  I am sure getting tired of the random morning sickness that hits me whenever.  I am also noticing that I am exhausted, but think partly due to my lack of sleep at night.  I wake up every few hours and need to use the restroom!


    1. congrats!!!! You know the 1st tri is always a doozy!

    2. YAY!!! Congratulations Lisa!!! How exciting... more to scrap! hehe

    3. Congratulations, Lisa! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season! Helene


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