Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kindergarten Stories: Week of Nov. 8th - 12th

Report cards came home this week for the 2nd six weeks!  Where has the time gone?  Only 7 more school days until the Thanksgiving break!  This week has been long since Jakob was sick on Monday and Tuesday, plus the time change.  Jakob has been exhausted in the evenings and ready for bed!

 3 - Meets Expectations (Consistently demonstrates proficient understanding and applies skills independently with minimal teacher support.)
2 - Making Progress (Demonstrates initial stages of understanding; applies skills but requires teacher intervention or reinforcement.)
1 - Insufficient Progress (Demonstrates a lack of understanding; difficulty accomplishing grade level tasks; reteaching consistently required.)

 Language Arts:
  • Uses strategies to comprehend a variety of texts - 2
  • Uses the writing process to compose a variety of texts - 2
  • Listens attentively - 2
  • Communicates ideas, experiences, and needs using academic language - 3
Early Literacy Intervention:
(Completed during Beginning of the Year)
  • Letter Identification - 3
  • Letter Sounds - 1
  • Concepts about Print - 2
  • Phonological Awareness - 1
Guided Reading Level:
  • Student Guided Reading Level - A
  • Student Uses Strategies to Comprehend Guided Reading Text - 2
  • Observe and record properties of objects (able to identify size, mass, shape, color, texture) - 3
Social Studies:
  • Explain why people have jobs - 2
  • Identify purposes for having rules (including rules for order, security, and safety) - 2
  • Identify authority figures in home, school, and community (able to identify school, home; not able to identify community) - 2
  • 2-D Geometric figures - 3
  • Position and Location - 3
  • 3-D Geometric figures (able to describe and compare; not able to identify shape) - 2
  • Task 1: Counting Objects (Keeps track while counting accurately, remembers how many) - 2
  • Task 2: Counting out a particular quantity (Counts up to a particular quantity) - 2
Teacher/Parent Comments:
  • 11/9/10: Jakob works neatly and carefully on assignments.

This Weeks Sight Words: 
  • make, will, am, me, pretty
Jakob is continuing to review his previous sight words and does well picking them out in books we read!  We have been working on reading Level A books at home using Reading A-Z.  I lucked into getting many of the books a few years ago while working on my degree.  They were running a special during Teacher Appreciation Week and was able to download many of the books!  Jakob enjoys reading them and the books are repetitious in manner with many of his sight words!

Other sight words we are working on:

  • List 1 - 2: we, run, a, can, play, I 
  • List 3 - 4: like, cat, to, and, dog
  • List 5 - 6: the, not, you, do, want
  • List 7 - 8: all, here, big, is, little
  • List 9 - 10: she, with, are, he, funny
  • List 11- 12: make, will, am, me, pretty
Jakob is currently doing Jump Rope for Heart.  He is raising money to support a great cause.  I think it's neat how I did Jump Rope for Heart when I was in school.  Jakob has talked about jump roping in school and how it's hard!  If he raises a minimum of $40, he will receive a water bottle, a jump rope, and t-shirt.  I can see him playing with the jump rope on the back patio!  Visit his page to make a donation.

Here are a few pages from last week.  

It looks like he forgot to do number 5 on the below sheet.
 Jakob colored this worksheet really nice and counted the teeth correctly.

I haven't asked Jakob about this page.  I suspect it is related to a book or something they did in class.
Jakob also brought home a picture that was from school of him and his decorated pumpkin!

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