Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kindergarten Stories: Week of Nov. 1st - 5th

It is sure hard to believe we are already in November and on the last week of the 2nd Six Weeks already!  Where is the time going?

Kindgergarten Classroom News

This week we will be...
  • Learning about the Letter Kk - Handwriting, Beginning Sounds and Ending Sounds
  • Sight Words: she, with, are, he, funny
  • Review Sight Words: a, all, and, can, cat, dog, do, here, I, is, like, little, not, play, run, see, to, the, we, want, you
  • Learning about Fall: events that happen in the fall; sorting and graphing leaves; identifying animals that hibernate and migrate; patterns (AB, ABC, AABB, AABBCC)
Upcoming Events:
  • November 1st - Disguise a Turkey Homework Assignment Goes Home
  • November 5th - End of 2nd Six Weeks
  • November 8th - Beginning of 3rd Six Weeks and Disguise a Turkey is Due
  • November 11th  - PTA Meeting and Fiesta Math Night
  • November 19th - Field Trip permission slips are due
Here's some of the school work Jakob brought home today.  The first one is a color by number worksheet.

Another math sheet.  Jakob traced the numbers and then had to color the corresponding number to items.

This worksheet focuses on the letter p.  He colored very neatly and followed directions on the page.  He wrote the letter p next to the items that started with the /p/ sound as the directions stated to do.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Jakob and his class mates went to the fire department on a field trip.  Here is an activity they did after the visit regarding fire safety.

This sheet is really cute to me.  He decorated a pumpkin for school for Halloween.  His idea was to decorate the pumpkin as Rafael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Jakob's picture below shows his pumpkin and his sentence underneath says, "My pumpkin is wroel (Rafael)."

Jakob continues to practice his sight words.  I noticed he wrote his letter s backwards on this page so tonight we focused on writing a few words in sentences including the letter s to focus on it correctly.  For some reason, there are letters that kids will write backwards until it 'clicks' for them that the correct way is the right way.
 Here is another math assignment focusing on three-dimensional shapes.

He brought home a pumpkin made from construction paper today too focusing on sequences of events.  It shows the order of planting a pumpkin.  I'm really impressed to see how neat he is coloring on his papers.

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  1. BTW... you misspelled the turtle's name as well...

    It is spelled "Raphael".



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