Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Speech Homework 10/26/10

Jakob's speech homework this past week was on the blended /ch/ sound. He had six different pictures focusing on the initial placement of the sound /ch/. His words were chicken, chair, Chinese food, cheese, chocolate, and chimpanzee. The questions and directions were as followed.
  1. What do you eat with chopsticks? (Circle it.) - Chinese food
  2. What rhymes with please? (Underline it.) - cheese
  3. What has four legs? (Draw a square around it.) - chair
  4. What tastes sweet? (Draw an X on it.) - chocolate
  5. What has feathers and lays eggs? (Draw a star on it.) - chicken
  6. What is a furry jungle animal? (Draw a line through it.) - chimpanzee

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