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My Favorite Pictures of 2009

Schools were closed for two days in January of 2009 due to pure ice.  It was extremely thick on this area near our apartment.  We went outside on the second day because I thought I would take Jakob to school.  I could not even get my car door open the ice on the car was so thick!  Our neighbors had her car going because she was trying to run to the store for dog food!  Instead, I gave her some dog food so she didn't have to risk it  Jakob enjoyed playing carefully on the ice for the short time we were outside.

Jakob turned 4 years old in 2009!  It sure is hard to believe and he is getting so big.  We celebrated with friends and family at Going Bonkers.  He loved every minute and enjoyed having his friends with him to play with and celebrate his birthday.

We headed to the Fort Worth Zoo over Spring Break!  It sure was fun and so busy!  I did not know but Spring Break is the busiest time for the zoo.  When I stopped to think about it, it really does make sense.  This upcoming year, I have asked my mom to purchase season tickets to the Fort Worth Zoo so we can go throughout the year and enjoy it in the different season!

Southwest Airlines hosted the 36th and Last Annual Chili Cookoff.  The boys were able to do rides, play some fun games, and eat.  Jakob finally started enjoying the rides while we were here and since then has loved all the rides!   He used to hate carousel rides, but now he loves them!  We also tasted lots of different chili from different people who work for Southwest Airlines.

We visited our apartment pool many times this past summer.  These are a few of the earlier shots of Jakob playing in the splash zone. He absolutely loves playing in the water in the summer time!

We went to California in June.  The trip started at DisneyLand and we spent 2 days visiting the parks before heading to San Diego to also visit Randy and Nikki.  We went to the San Diego Zoo while in San Diego.  I was really proud of Jakob at the zoo because he walked and walked!  Jakob was so excited to get the pictures with Mickey Mouse and Pluto.  We almost had a picture with Goofy, but each time we got in line the line was closing.  Regarding DisneyLand, I totally under estimated our time for Disney!  Jeff and I went to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon and we were able to do most everything.  However, I forgot about kids getting tired and naps, etc!  Oh well, we can go again!

We usually go to Lake Brownwood for the 4th of July.   This past year, it was amazing to see how low the water was at the lake.  It was so low that not all boat ramps were open, but Jeff's parents still had access.  This year was the first year I got up on the wake board.  I attempted it on the first day and before water skiing so I would not be sore.  However, the day after wake boarding and water skiing, I was sore!  It is so much fun though!  Roland also water skied without extra support from Daniel.  It took him some work, but he did it!  Jeff and Jakob also rode the intertube and Jakob laughed so hard while riding!

Jeff and I  purchased a home to build in late August.  We had looked at Horizon Homes many years ago and went and looked again in August.  We completely fell in love with a model being built!  It is 2300 square feet, with an open floor plan, eighteen inch tile, granite counter tops in the kitchen, three bedrooms, one study, two and half bath, and two and half car garage!  We love it!

Jakob played soccer in the Fall.   He took some cute pictures, but at least last season it was not his favorite sport.  We might try it again, but I have not decided yet. 

I took the boys to the Flower Mound Pumpkin patch.  It was the first time Jakob had been to one and I think it was the first time for Roland.  They both enjoyed it and we took some nice pictures!  While we were there both boys picked out pumpkins to carve.  They had fun picking the "best" was funny to watch them look!  Roland went through the maze with Jakob, but Jakob got a little scared halfway through and climbed on top of the hay bales to get to me fast!

Jeff and I bought my new camera on Black Friday.  We were in Abilene visiting family for Thanksgiving.  Roland, Jakob, Hannah, and Lana were on the trampoline when my camera was charged and ready to go!  I tested the sports mode on the camera and was extremely happy to receive clean, crisp photos that were not blurry with streaks from the movement!!  I was able to capture Roland jump high in the air while they took turns jumping high!

We had a great Christmas visiting family.  Jakob visited Santa and asked for Bakagan toys for Christmas and was excited when he opened his presents from him!  We visited with my grandparents in Austin on Christmas Eve and then headed to my grandmother's house on Christmas Day.  Jakob really enjoyed opening presents, helping others open presents, and really enjoyed passing presents out to people!   For Christmas, I received a new camera and I have been working on taking pictures with it daily for my Project 365 challenge.  I changed my camera settings to Manual to attempt to take a different picture of our Christmas tree before I put all the presents underneath.  I really enjoyed having off this Christmas and Jakob appreciated having some time off from school too.

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  1. Wonderful photos! I love that you talked a bit about each of them. TFS!


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