Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation Day 4 - San Diego Zoo

We had breakfast this morning at the hotel.  After eating, we met up with everyone to head over to the San Diego Zoo.

We all really wanted to see the elephants, so we headed in that direction.  While walking in that direction we saw the Koalas.  They sleep for almost 22 hours and they were awake!!  We stopped and got some fun pictures! Later in the day when we took the bus tour, they were asleep!

The elephants are always fun to see especially in San Diego!  Their elephant exhibit is huge and they have so much room!  Roland and Jakob posed with many of the statue animals around the exhibits!

We passed the Sky Tram and went to see the Polar Bears.  We caught them at a great time since they were about to get fed.  They were walking around and watching for the keeper to drop the food over the ledge.  One of them came over to the window and sat next to us while we watching them!

After lunch, we took the bus tour and went around the zoo.  One of the things we saw while on the bus was the giraffes.  My favorite animals at the zoo are the elephants and the giraffes.

We also attended the Sea Lion Show at the zoo.  I posted a video of the show on my blog earlier today. Enjoy!

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