Thursday, July 08, 2010

Boys are with Grandparents

This week is sure going fast! Last Thursday, I picked up Roland since Jakob and him were headed to visit with Jeff's parents for the week.  We met Gerry on Friday at Chili's in Fort Worth and had a nice lunch.  Jakob was funny as we were leaving.  I got him buckled in his seat and was saying bye and he was like, "Mom, we're leaving - shut the door!"  Jakob was extremely excited to visit with Jeff's parents and all he could talk about was he was going to the Mimi with the trampoline.  It is also the first thing he told Roland when we picked him up on Thursday!  The boys will return this upcoming Saturday.

On Saturday, Jeff and I went to Olive Garden with Joe and Brenda.  We had a nice dinner and afterwards went to Strikz Entertainment to bowl.  Jeff and I went and saw Toy Story 3 on Monday.  It was a cute movie and afterwards we did some shopping.  I found a dress to wear to my brother's wedding later this month.  I still need to do other things to get ready, but we'll get there!

I spoke to Lana today and she said Jakob was having a blast and said he wasn't ready to come home.  She said he says he misses us, but is obviously enjoying his time with grandparents!  She told me at the lake he jumped off the ten foot dock at Horace and Kay's house!  Once he did it once, she said he swam back to the dock, and did it again and again! At the lake, she said he rode the intertube with his Uncle Brett and with Roland.  He sure loves the water.  After they returned from the lake, they have been doing things around the house.  She mentioned she purchased a Slip'n'Slide and both boys have really enjoyed it!  As mentioned, Jakob was excited about going to their house because of the trampoline.  She said, they have been on it everyday since they got to the house! This afternoon, they are going to watch Toy Story 3.

I have been doing chores and scrapbooking this week.  I had a dentist appointment yesterday and it went well, no cavities.  Since I had no cavities, I treated myself to a pedicure.  I have made four scrapbook layouts since the boys have been with grandparents; three of the layouts are completed and posted on my blog.  (Links below).

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