Friday, July 02, 2010

28 Days Until California Vacation - Brother's Wedding!

I was thinking this morning there were many things I need to accomplish before we go out to California for my brother's wedding.  Our flight, hotel, and car have already been taken care of, but there are so many other little things I need to do!! I have listed a few things I need to do and will continue to update so I do not forget the minor details!
  • Jakob - Measured for Tux - completed and deposit paid on Wednesday, June 30th.
  • Lisa - Need Rehearsal dinner dress
  • Lisa - Need Dress to wear for wedding - Found purple dress at JcPenney's on Monday, July 5th!
  • Lisa - Need shoes to wear with dresses
  • Shoes - Need new walking tennis shoes for Jeff, Lisa, Roland, and Jakob
    Tickets for San Diego Zoo
  • Tickets for Sea World
  • Tickets for Lego Land
  • Update Garmin with California Destinations
  • Wedding Present

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