Friday, July 09, 2010

21 Days Until California Vacation - Brother's Wedding!

We are now down to 21 more days until my brother's wedding in California! Last week, I posted a similar post and we have done a few things on the list!  However, the list continues to grow as we get closer to the event!  I helped my mom yesterday with the rehearsal dinner menu.  They chose Buca de Bippa and since they chose the restaurant, my parents were able to choose the food!  So while Mom looked at the choices, she called me for help in the decisions!  All I can say is we are going to be well fed that evening!  However, since we will be eating later than normal plus we have a two hour time difference, we are going to have to feed the boys (and probably me) before our official dinner!
  • Jakob - Measured for Tux - completed and $20 deposit paid on Wednesday, June 30th.
  • Lisa - Need Rehearsal dinner dress
  • Lisa - Need Dress to wear for wedding - Found purple dress at JcPenney's on Monday, July 5th!
  • Lisa - Need shoes to wear with dresses
  • Shoes - Need new walking tennis shoes for Jeff, Lisa, Roland, and Jakob
  • Update Garmin with California Destinations
  • Wedding Present
  • Jakob - Needs Coloring book for airplane, down time. - Purchased a Toy Story 3 Color Wonder coloring book.
  • Jakob and Roland - Needs nice clothes to wear to rehearsal and wedding
  • Jakob and Roland - New video game for airplane, down time.
  • Tickets for San Diego Zoo
  • Tickets for Sea World
  • Tickets for Lego Land (1 FREE Kid Ticket from the Lego Store)

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