Monday, June 21, 2010

Swimming at the Pool

Last Thursday, my cousin Janet came over with her kids, Aidan and Jack.  We took all the boys to the pool and they had a blast playing in the water!  It was fun taking pictures and we snapped a few really fun shots of the boys jumping into the pool! After we finished at the pool, we came back to the house and cooked hamburgers on the stove.  Everyone ate really good after playing in the pool for a good two hours!

The funniest part of the day was Jakob learning who Aidan and Jack were again.  He has met them before, but I think he just did not remember.  He was really excited that his cousin Aidan and his cousin Jack were coming over! Then he referred to Jack as baby and sometimes baby Jack!  Recently, Jakob found a little ball that Jack brought over and Jakob was concerned to make sure we got it back to baby Jack!

Roland worked really hard to get into this photo that Janet was trying to take.  Then I thought it was funny because he posed as a 13 year old!

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