Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doctor's Appointments and Great Food for Dinner!

Monday was a busy day!  I had two regular doctor's appointments scheduled and Mom had agreed to help watch Jakob.  Initially, it began with one appointment when I first asked if she could come up for the day!  Then when I called another doctor's office, I was able to schedule the appointment on the same day!  Due to the time of the appointments, it worked better if she and Jakob came with us and we could do lunch in between the appointments.  While at the first appointment, my doctor wanted another test completed.  Right before heading into my second appointment, the hospital called me and I was able to get the other test completed on the same day too!  So what was initially one appointment worked out to be three appointments!  When we were all done, I thought Mom deserved Olive Garden!  We all met Jeff and had a wonderful dinner.

We went over the mall and wandered around.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory!  Boy did the cheesecake taste so good!  It had been such a long day in and out of doctor's offices.  Jakob did not want cheesecake and ordered vanilla ice cream instead.  I was taking a picture of my cheesecake and Mom's cheesecake and he asked me to take a picture of his ice cream too!

Roland had another orthodontics appointment on Tuesday.  It went well and it sure is neat to see how much straighter his teeth are now compared to when he first got his braces on about a year ago.  After the appointment, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  I thought about going to Michael's and looking around but remembered I had to go home since I had scheduled Orkin to come out to the house and begin spraying to get rid of the bugs!

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