Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July and tons of swimming

We went to Lake Brownwood on Friday and Saturday (7/3-7/4) and then the boys stayed the week with Lana and Gregg! It was sure a nice week and I enjoyed the time off!

Saturday night, Jeff and I came home and boy were we tired! We had spent Saturday on the lake and did lots of things. One of the cool things I did was get up on the wakeboard this year! I have tried previous years, but always after I was too tired! This year, I did it first and made it up on the first try! I had Roland take some pictures along with what I got on video this year. Later in the same day, I rode on the intertube with Roland and also water skied. I am getting much better on water skiing and can go back and forth. I think I was sore through Monday from all the boating activities!! Roland also water skied this year for the first time by himself with adult skis. Meaning the skis are not tied together to keep them together and the rope is not tied to the skis. He did very well and wanted to get back out Sunday, but they ran out of time.
Saturday evening after we returned home, Jeff and I had dinner at Cozymel's in Grapevine. Dinner sure was good that evening. Service was a little slow, but was a good night for it to be slower since we were not in a rush. It was nice to sit and eat a peaceful dinner with NO kids! lol We watched the fireworks sorta through our apartment window, but were pretty tired. We could have gone to some friends and had a great view, but decided to just relax!

We did some shopping on Sunday and actually went to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco to walk around. We did about 2.3 miles while shopping from one end to the other. It sure was busy on Sunday at that mall with the holiday weekend. (It's the nicer newer mall.)

Jeff took Monday off from work and we went and watched The Proposal. It was a very cute movie. Afterwards, we had lunch at Chipolte and finished up some shopping for Jeff. He needed new shorts for work...I know, can you believe he gets to wear shorts? Pretty neat though! I also had some free time and had my hair redone and re-colored. I had her color it back to my regular color in hopes as it grows out this summer it looks closer to my natural color so it stays looking good for interviews, etc. =) I had really wanted to have it redone before our vacation, but I ran out of time!

We met friends for dinner on Thursday and Friday. Friday evening was funny because it's our group of friends that Jakob plays with all of his friends at the same time. His two friends, Carter and Mason, were there at the house on Friday and told their dad they were on a mission to find Jakob! Shortly later, we did tell them he was not there and they were at grandparents! We had some great ribs with all of our friends Friday and enjoyed the evening at their pool! Sure was a fun weekend.

Today, we went to baby Jack's 1st birthday party. Janet had invited us and originally, I was not sure when the boys would return. However since they came back on Saturday, I figured we could go. It was a birthday pool party and it was fun, but to me I thought there were too many people in the pool. Just not enough room for everyone in the pool. The coolest thing though today was Jakob actually swam today WITHOUT any floating devices!!

Tomorrow, Jakob and Roland start swimming lessons for the summer. Roland will start Level 4 and Jakob is doing Level 1 again. I think this year he will do much better in Level 1. In the swim lessons, they do everything without any floating devices (except when they are introducing life jackets). Last year, he really didn't want his face in the water and was not sure of getting into the deeper end of the pool. So I'm hoping he does better.

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