Sunday, July 22, 2007

Outside Playing

We went to Target today and bought a new outside toy for Jakob. It's a combo sand and water table made by Little Tikes. I have been cleaning the balcony and it was time to exchange the toys anyhow. It came with the little castle and characters to play along with.

We also bought some Moon Sand, which is supposed to be easier than real sand. The reviews I read talked about how it is still messy...but it's still a form of sand! I would not expect Roland or Jakob to play with any type of sand inside! I figured we'll see how it is and we could even do play-doh in the 'sand' portion of the toy when it gets cooler (since play-d0 is cheaper than Moon sand). We ended up buying the Monster Truck Moon Sand since Jakob enjoys cars...he'll probably have fun making the molds and then destroying them!

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