Monday, July 16, 2007

World of Warcraft update

I have been enjoying the break from all the homework. In between work and all the chores, I'm still playing World of Warcraft. My guild, The Templars, now has a webpage. Jeff was playing yesterday with signature creators and I found it interesting. I made the one below using Video Game Signature Generator.

Overall, Evaelyn is now a 27 Blood Elf Mage. Jeff and I play quite often together. His alt character, Darkhide is now a 48 Tauren Shaman. He helps me out when I need to do something that requires multiple players if I cannot form a group.

Over the weekend, Jeff helped someone in the guild and gave him 40 gold - a decent amount of money in the game. He did it to be nice but it backfired because the guy starting whining to both of us for help and wanted Jeff to run him through something. (Running through means having a really high level to make it easier, rather than just grouping with a big group of same levels...he wanted the easy way out.) Anyhow, this became annoying and we talked to the guild leaders and they spoke to him about it. You are not supposed to beg or bother/harass other guild members. Anyhow, so Saturday night (Jeff and Roland were at the Weird Al concert), the same character asked me if he could borrow some money because he wanted to buy something expensive. I did a screen shot showing the text and then spoke to the guild leaders the next day. We sent it over and as soon as they looked at the screen shot - he was kicked out of the guild. Later he accidentally was re-invited by someone (who didn't know the story) and was kicked right after! What irritated Jeff and me was Jeff had just given him 40 gold and then the character who was a level 40 asked me (a level 26 at the time) for money! Made interesting conversation over the weekend though!

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