Monday, June 25, 2007

Such a long time since I have posted...

I haven't posted in a while, I know. I've been really busy with everything! I changed my layout yesterday...I was tired of blue, so I went with pink for a while. I'm sure I'll get tired of pink and change it to another layout later.

In the little free time I have had, I have worked on my World of Warcraft character. I really like this character and she is currently level 18. Tonight, I came pretty close to getting Evaelyn (my character) to 19, but decided I had better go to bed!

My mom harassed me today and told me I needed to convince some of my girlfriends to play the game. I told Erica about it tonight and she told me maybe after she finishes her Master's Degree! She is actually almost completed with her Bachelor's degree but was accepted into the program (recommendation from a teacher) to start her Masters. So that's really awesome. Congrats Erica!

Another character, Kandice, I created to play with Roland. The other character is a Blood Elf and looks more human than this character. I tend to play it more when Roland is over because we can play quests together.

Yesterday, I was invited to a guild. The names are always interesting for guilds, but you are only invited into them. I'm currently with the guild, The Untold Killers. It allows me to have other people to play with from time to time, but I will probably have to level my character before I really play with them. Most of the ones who play are higher than me, but there are officially 190 members to the guild...but when I have been online the average is between 8-12 people. Jeff is in a big guild, called Sonic Death Monkeys for his level 70 character.


  1. Boy... the new page layout sure is... ummm... "PINK"

  2. Sonic Death Monkeys is a great name for a rock band!


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