Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy 4th of July Week

Luckily, there are only 2 more days remaining until Summer 1 is finished! Due to the 4th of July holiday, both of my teachers do not want to have to come back to school and have our finals on or due on Tuesday, July 3rd. I have done well in both of them and should finish with A's in both classes.

I have been busy working on school. I completed two text-set assignments in both classes. So you ask, what is a text set? The objective was to use a topic and then five 5 books, 1 video, 2 websites, and other resources relating to the topic. For my multi-cultural class, the topic was Individuality and it focused on being yourself. The other topic was more subject centered and focused on Weather. The differences between the two classes on the same project was one required a reflection of completing the assignment, the other required a lesson plan. Both will be useful in the future.

Normally for the July 4th holiday we go out to Lake Brownwood, but I'm not sure of the plans yet. I talked to Lana and Greg (my inlaws) and researched online and found Lake Brownwood was 3-7 feet over the spillway. Here are some pictures of the lake. The lake has been closed do to flood conditions. Portions of Thunderbird Bay (location where Greg and Lana's things are) are in that area, but are at higher ground. Lana said it is amazing to see how much the lake has risen because they were out in April and she said the lake was so low it would have been hard to get boats into the water. However, at this point we will go to Brady, TX on Saturday for a reunion of Lana's side of the family and then go from there.

I have also been playing more of World of Warcraft. I have really started to enjoy playing the game. The guild I joined had some problems and disbanded, but the members whom were liked grouped with another guild and re-invited me. I currently have Evaelyn (my main character) at level 22 on "The Templars" guild. This past weekend, I experimented selling things on the auction house. Majority of the items I put on the auction house sold which will give more in-game money to do more things later!

Jeff was on vacation this past week and I think he had a good week off. We didn't do anything major, but he was at the same point too - Use it or lose it. We did go out to eat a lot with him on vacation though, so I'm ready to get back in routine.

Roland is going to Abilene from that point until the next Saturday, July 14th. Jakob will join Roland the following Tuesday evening through Saturday, July 14th. He would have gone the entire week, but I felt odd paying the daycare $85 for Jakob not to attend when I could pay $97 for him to attend 2 days. Plus, he really enjoys going to school because they are constantly doing and making something! They made bird feeders, planted plants in baggies, made water shakers, and more this past week!

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