Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Update

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.

Jeff, Roland, Jakob, and I went to Abilene Thursday morning and arrived in Abilene around noon. We had our lunch at 2pm and it was good as always! Grandma Froh cooks the turkey each year and it is always really good. We didn’t have as big of a crowd this year in Abilene as we normally do.

Friday morning, Jeff, Greg, Lana, and Gerry woke up early and went out to the stores to get the good specials. Jeff went to get Roland a 1 MB MP3 player for $35 and a 5 MP camera for Roland for $80. The MP3 player was for his birthday, and the camera is for Christmas. We now have Roland mostly covered. Jeff also went to Home Depot where they had a Uniden cordless phone and answering machine for $35 which included 2 phones in the package. So we did some good shopping. Jeff would have made me come but he decided it was better to have me sleep in so I wouldn’t be tired for driving home Friday evening. He thought about driving, but I told him he was tired and I was driving. Guess he needed that!

This morning, we got around and went to the local Costco that is about five minutes away. Jeff and I went earlier in the week to price things to see if we would save money by having them. The membership is $50 a year (2 cards). We thought about it and I realized that the membership is less than $5 a month and just getting laundry detergent and Downy. So we went ahead and joined today and got a few things. We are planning to use it more for the non-food items since we don’t have that many people to feed yet, but the items that do not spoil. So today we purchased Downy, dog food, shampoo, conditioner, and a few other random things. We went to grab some food for lunch and then headed to Kroger. We needed the basic things from the grocery store.

I will probably go to Wal-Mart in a bit. My pantry only has shelves on the upper half and I really need more shelving space. I think they designed it so you could hide your trash can, but we could really use the space.

Our apartment is coming together slowly. Need to unpack a few more boxes, really need to find my kitchen eating bowls. I have a few more Styrofoam bowls, but they cannot go in the microwave for oatmeal. Well, I better get up and do something while Jakob is sleeping!

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  1. I sure hope Roland doesn't look at this post since it tells him what he is getting for Christmas.


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