Thursday, October 26, 2006

Contract on House!

This past Monday, around 7:30pm, Melody called us with an offer on the house. After a few negotiations, the contract was official Wednesday, October 25th. I met the people buying our house today and they seem really nice. They signed their portion and then I took the contract to Grapevine and Jeff and I signed our portion. It is now back to our realtors. Early next week, the inspection should be completed. The current closing date on the contract is on December 1st. I would prefer to have it end of November to save some and help us have more money to put down on an apartment. Jeff and I are planning to look at apartments in Lewisville this weekend! Depending how quickly everything goes through, we could be moving really soon!

Oh, and as a tidbit, our house was placed on market 9/14/06 and official contract was on 10/25/06.

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