Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend shopping with Mom

Saturday morning, Mom came to visit and arrived around 9am. Jeff, Roland, Jakob, Mom, and I went to Super Target in Frisco first and found some things there. Roland was enjoying shopping with her since she bought him a FEW items! I lost count of all the different toys, shirts, etc. However, shirts, shoes, socks, etc were intended for school and I think the only thing he needs is a book bag but I have to double check what we already bought and what the school supply list required. Jakob got a few shirts from Target and some new markers that only write on special paper. Friday night he was standing near my desk and about had a fit because he saw my highlighters and wanted them because he thought they were his crayons. It's been a new thing he has enjoyed and will take the crayons/markers out of the box and then put them back in...etc...over and over. But he has started realizing the markers write on the special paper a little I think. Mom thought it was neat and could tell they use markers/crayons at school because he knew what he was supposed to do with them.

After Super Target we went to Gatti Town. Gatti Town is like Chuck-E-Cheese or the Peter Piper Pizza we had growing up. You pay for a buffet and then buy tokens/gamecard and play the games after eating (at least we played after we ate!). We won a monkey out of a claw and grab machine for Jakob after a few trys! Jakob started feeling warm back on Friday and was getting Tylenol and at lunch at Gatti Town Jakob starting getting warm again.

When we got home, Jakob got medicine and took his nap and Jeff stayed home with him while Mom, Roland, and I went to PetSmart and the mall. wanderedred around the mall and did more shopping, Mom found some books, I found 2 shirts and a bookmark, Jakob and Roland got more clothes, and Roland got new shoes for school. We went to Outback for dinner, as Jeff said he was not hungry and not to worry and to go. We were going to bring him ribs home, but he said not to worry.

We all went to sleep around 11pm and around that time my throat started hurting a little. I think at 1am, I woke up and took NyQuil and then this morning went and got DayQuil. I took a good 2 ½ hour nap earlier and Jakob took a long 3-4 hour nap today. I told Jeff that if he's feeling bad still Monday, he would need to stay home but if he's still having a hard time, Tuesday I could go to my Tuesday 8am class lecture and then I have good friends in Math 10am class that would show me notes worse case. I think Jakob's problem are teeth related or a little of both. His back molars have been coming through or maybe it's other teeth.

Oh, and I looked up the USA Today's Bestsellers Paperbacks and the book I am reading The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly ranked 2nd last week based on sales. I thought that was fun. I picked it up at Kroger because it was on their Top 10 rack, and it has been a really good book! I was telling Mom how I was working on finding other authors and she said she uses these list to help her find the really good ones! I prefer to rotate around on the authors I read so the style of the books do not start to bore me.

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