Friday, July 07, 2006

Jakob's Room - End of Day 5

Today I finished the green border around the room and got the 1st set of closet doors put back together and reattached to the closet. I had problems with getting the other doors off so I put the 1st coat of white on his main door.

Jeff and I are going out to Outback and then will see the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Chest this evening. When we get home I will probably put on the 2nd coat of white paint on his door so it is ready tomorrow. Then the only thing left is to get those other closet doors off and get them painted and reset up his room!

Sometime in the future, if I find a good looking stencil/stamp with animals I may stencil/stamp that either inside/above the green border. Plus I have to make time to do Roland's room too! :)

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