Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Geography Class and other classes

Today in Geography, the teacher passed back our introductions that we had submitted for check for our term paper. He was disappointed with many introductions because many people wrote in first person and used contractions. I was honestly surprised that so many people did that because in one of my college level English classes, we were taught that you do not do either of those two things! Overall, you tend to write a formal paper much different than how you might say something to a friend. Well, anyhow, as he was going on and on, he said I have one here that I really liked. He then started off by reading the first two sentences of MY paper! I was so impressed that out of the students (52 to be exact for our class...he mentioned that as he lectured!) that he really liked mine! Maybe he'll remember my name and keep that in memory! :) He also made the comment about how he has many papers to read and grade at the end of the semester. He said, "You better give me something I am going to want to read...I have many papers to read!"

We also took a map quiz over the United States and Canada that I know I aced! It was so easy, but I studied quite heavily for not knowing how intense it would be! There was even a bonus question for an extra 4 points that I know was correct, so I should get 54 points out of 50 points on that test. Nice way to start my first grade in that class.

I have only received grades in the Teaching Math class and my Science lab. I have all 100% in that math class and I received a 105% for my lab 1 because the teacher was impressed with the detail of my answer. I was the only one to recieve that high of a grade in my class for that particular lab.

Next week will be challenging. I have 3 test scheduled on Wednesday, February 15th. I have a Geography midterm, Science, and then a Statistics test! Then the following week after that I have a Science lab test and a test for the Teaching Math class. The nice thing is the two math classes are a breeze, and not as much studying time is needed compared to Science and Geography.

Anyhow, enough goofing off time has gone by. Must do something productive.

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