Sunday, January 22, 2006

The semester has started

Well, I had a very busy week this past week! School started on Tuesday, and I only had my one class that day. However, to make sure I had enough time with getting up, getting Jakob up and dressed, getting to Jakob’s school, and then getting to UNT I got up early on Tuesday. My first class that day wasn’t until 12:00pm so I had some time to kill. So I dropped off information for financial aid and checked on my final transcript with admissions. Jakob did good on this day at his school, but he didn’t have much lunch. They said he was falling asleep at lunch, and had a really hard time eating because he was so tired! He woke up that morning at 6am, so I’m sure he was tired. He napped on the way home I think everyday this past week.

Wednesday, was my long day of all of my classes. Classes start at 8:00am and go until 3:20pm. Wednesday, I realized how much walking I was going to do on campus! I laughed to myself thinking how I was definitely going to get in shape going to school! At the same time I thought to myself I didn’t realize I should have been in shape first! Ha! I walked so much. And the way my classes ended up, I walk from one end to another side, and back, etc. I have plenty of time to get from class to class, but it’s just funny. Jakob did well on Wednesday at his school. They were impressed on how good he ate that day.

No classes on Thursday, so Jakob and I stayed home on Thursday. He was so exhausted! He took a long morning nap and then took another afternoon nap! He is still adjusting to getting up early and the changes to his schedule. He also has gotten the lovely runny nose from going to daycare. He has had it since Thursday. I have given a little medicine if he seems like he needs it, but he’s not really sick. In the future, I may go to Denton on Thursday from time to time to study while Jakob is being watched by his school. It depends on how much I have to do, etc.

Friday, I only have a Science lecture, but we got there early. Have to get there early for parking. I have a parking pass, but parking is pretty pathetic for the amount of students that go to UNT. Anyhow, I was at school from about 8-4pm and did a decent amount of reading/studying. Jakob decided on Friday though not to eat lunch. He had all the other things, breakfast, and the snacks, but he decided that day, no not hungry! He was worn out by the time I picked him up on Friday. He crashed in the car I think about 5 minutes after we got driving. I think he’s going to do that each day I pick him up. All that playing, what’s a boy to do!

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